Websites and Software
Astrological techniques that compare one personís chart with anotherís and look into the past and future require more advanced
software than the charts on this website can offer. Below are some key links.

Astrolabe distributes Solar Fire, the software used in this book and by astrologers worldwide. Astrolabe also offer a wide range of other advanced astrology software.

Esoteric Technologies, the creators of Solar Fire, continue to develop its features and to distribute it exclusively in Australia.

Astro Data Bank offers access to carefully researched birth data for tens of thousands of famous people.

Organizations and Conferences
Astrological key concepts make up succinct shorthand that says so much more than ordinary language. So, conversations with other astrologers teem with meaning. Web astrological chat-rooms can be fun and provide amazing insights, but they are not always reliable. National and international conferences are places to open doors of understanding and meet experts and make like-minded friends. All over the world there are excellent schools of astrology that offer diploma and even degree courses. Below are listed some key astrological organizations in the English-speaking world that hold conferences, educate and can point you to teaching institutions and possibly groups that meet in your area. Use them as gateways to many possibilities.

Federation of Australian Astrologers Inc.

United Kingdom
Astrological Association of Great Britain

North America
American Federation of Astrologers
International Society for Astrological Research
National Council for Geocosmic Research